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Gift Shop in Hermann, Missouri

Gift Shop in Hermann, Missouri

Gift Shop in Hermann, MissouriGift Shop in Hermann, Missouri

Let us show you the the right gift for any occasion! 

We have also have specialty food items and home decor!

Our Favorites!

German Beer Steins

German Beer Steins and Mugs

 We have an array of German Beer Steins. 

The history of the steins in really interesting and something we are asked about quite often.

“From about 1340 until 1380, a Bubonic Plague, or Black Death, killed more than 25 million Europeans! As horrible as this historic event was, it promoted tremendous progress for civilization. And, of interest here, it is also responsible for the origin of the beer stein.” (The Beer Stein Book, by: Gary Kirsner) 

Lithuanian Candle Houses

Lithuanian Candle Houses

 Village people in Lithuania would put a candle in their windows to show food was available at this house.  Thus, the “Candle House” became a sign of solidarity against their oppression.  The houses are made of clay by experienced craftspeople of Lithuania.  Our candle houses span a variety of styles, sizes and prices. 

Solmate Socks

Solmate Socks

"Life`s too short for matching socks."

We have a wonderful selection of Solmate socks, including crew and knee socks. This company has been a part of our store for a long time. These socks are great all year and make wonderful gifts. 

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Back Home Again, LLC.

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